We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of farriery and land care services. Our land care services are specifically tailored for lifestyle and small rural blocks, however bigger properties can be managed if required. We have the gear, the skills and the knowledge to keep your property looking amazing and your pasture thriving, giving you more time to enjoy it! If you don't see what you're looking for below, please send us a message as we may be able to help. 



Our Landmax 2.6 metre wide mulcher mower will power through your paddocks - clearing up and pulverising rank grass, weeds and branches put in its path. The beauty of this type of mowing is that unlike rotor slashing or topping, our mulcher mower leaves a fine mulch that quickly breaks down, helping to improve organic matter content in the soil. This not only improves moisture and nutrient retention in the soil, but also makes way for new grass, rather than cuttings being left to sit on top of the pasture, rotting and hindering new growth. We can also do light to medium land clearing to remove unwanted weeds like gorse and blackberry, and mulch hedge prunings/trimmings up to a 150mm diameter.


Whether it's liquid or granular fertiliser or lime, we can source and apply the right product to get your pasture thriving! We do encourage clients to make use of our soil test service, samples are sent away to Hill Laboratories for analysis and this is a great way to find out exactly what your soil is lacking and create a bespoke programme to improve and maintain your soil health. We can offer a once off service or a regular fertiliser programme to ensure you maintain optimum soil health and pasture growth.



Using an ATV trailer sprayer, we can apply a range agrichemicals using either a boom or handgun attachment to help you say goodbye to pesky weeds in your pasture and around your property.


We offer pasture reseeding using our New Zealand made Duncan disc drill, which is designed for direct drilling into existing pasture to top up or improve pastures, without having to spray out first. However, if required we can provide a full spray out and reseed service, with a grass species/blend suitable to your grazing needs.

Black Soil


Our Kyne Aerator will help you get the best out of what is put into your soil. Aeration is the process of perforating the soil with small holes to help break up soil pans caused by compaction. A soil pan prevents oxygen, nutrients and moisture from getting deep into the soil structure. Breaking up the soil pan allows plant roots better access to available nutrients and moisture and promotes worm activity. Reducing compaction and improving moisture content means aerating is perfect for cross country courses or other grass arenas during dry seasons. Aerating also helps to improve drainage and pugging during wetter months.


Paddocks destroyed after winter? Potholes in your driveway driving you mad? We have the skills and the equipment for all your paddock, arena and driveway repairs and general maintenance. We can roll or harrow your paddocks, harrow or level your arena surface when the sides have banked up, tidy up your driveway to fill in potholes and more. Below is a list of the tractor and quad bike attachments we have available:

  • Cambridge roller 

  • Harrows 

  • Levelling bar

  • Grader blade

  • Front end loader



George Hunt is a CFP qualified farrier through the NZ Farriers Association. With over 12 years experience, George provides a range of equine hoof care, from basic trimming through to specialised shoeing. George enjoys shoeing a variety of ponies and horses, including pleasure hacks, sport horses and horses in the thoroughbred industry, from foals to yearlings and horses in training. Working alongside other equine professionals, George is passionate about remedial shoeing of performance horses who require advanced care to treat a range of soundness issues.

* Please note we are not currently accepting new farriery clients.


In addition to our core services, we offer a number of other services including:

  • Small fencing jobs and repairs

  • Large bale moving and transport

  • Plastic wrap collection for recycling

  • Other minor repairs e.g. water troughs and pipes